Dachshund Breed Standard Amendment

March 13th 2016

The National Dachshund Council, last October, wrote to the ANKC in regards to the incorrect “image description” on the cover page of the Dachshund Breed Standard residing on the ANKC website. The “image description” previously read Pre 1987 Kennel Club, London which was the title of six separate standards, one for each variety. In 1994 the Kennel Club, London adopted one single Dachshund Breed Standard. In 2009 the ANKC adopted the 1994 Kennel Club, London Dachshund Breed Standard after a national plebiscite was conducted.

The ANKC has responded to the NDC letter by issuing advice to their member bodies as follows:

Please note the ‘Image Description’ on the breed standard of the Dachshund has been amended as follows in accordance with a request received by the National Breed Standards Coordination Group Chairperson, Marie Merchant from the National Dachshund Council (Australia):

Currently read:

Pre 1987 Kennel Club, London

Amended to read:

Standard adopted by Kennel Club, London 1994

Standard adopted by ANKC 2009