News from the ANKC

February 4th 2016

The following memo has been issued by Dogs Queensland in regards to highly undesirable colours in breed standards:

At the October 2015 ANKC Ltd Board Meeting, it was resolved to include on any Breed Standard stating that ‘highly undesirable’, in terms of colour, is to be interpreted as not acceptable for inclusion on the Main Register.

Subsequent to this meeting, it was agreed that 1 January 2017 would be the implementation date for that resolution and that prior to that date, the Breed Standards Co-ordination Group would report to the Board on the implications of implementing this decision.

This means that currently, there has been no change to the registration of dogs of a highly undesirable colour listed in the standard and as such, all State Member Bodies have been requested to continue to place dogs on the Main Register exactly as was done up until 31 December 2015.

The National Breed Standards Co-ordination Group is presently looking at this and will submit a report to the first available Board Meeting so that Directors can determine whether the original motion will come into effect on 1 January 2017 or whether some other course of action will be taken.