cord1 PRA

Progressive Retinal Atrophy in Dachshunds

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) is a general term for degeneration of the retina in the eye which is found in some breeds of dogs as well as humans.  The disease is caused by a mutation in certain genes and the age at which the dogs eyesight will begin to deteriorate can vary widely.  The level of visual impairment is also variable.

With the advent of DNA markers for this affliction, breeders can now DNA test their breeding stock before they are used to produce future litters.  This simple procedure can ensure that puppies will not inherit this disease.

A DNA test for PRA is available from Orivet Australia and all breeders are recommended to conduct this test before breeding from a particular individual dog.

Tests Database & cord1 PRA Testing Procedures

When submitting your test results for this database please email them to A photocopy of the Dog’s Pedigree and a photocopy of the Test Certificate is required.

cord 1 PRA Test Results CLICK HERE

For more information, here is a fact sheet from the Dachshund Breed Council.