Sarcoglycan Deficient Muscular Dystrophy

SDMD is a form of limb-girdle muscular dystrophy associated with a mutation in a muscle sarcoglycan gene and has been identified in young miniature Dachshunds from Australia, South Africa, and the US. Clinical signs, first noted at approximately 6 months of age, were variable and included exercise intolerance, stiff gait, myoglobinuria and dysphagia. The serum CK activity was markedly and persistently elevated. Histopathology of muscle biopsies showed a dystrophic phenotype and immunofluorescent stainings showed all sarcoglycan proteins were markedly decreased or absent.

A SDMD DNA test is available from Orivet Australia and all breeders are recommended to conduct this test before breeding from a particular individual dog.
Full details are available on Orivet’s website.

Tests Database & SDMD Testing Procedures

When submitting your test results for this database please email them to A photocopy of the Dog’s Pedigree and a photocopy of the Test Certificate is required.