Health and Welfare

Keeping your Dachshund Healthy

The health and welfare of Dachshunds is of major concern to Australian Breeders. The Kennel Club UK responded to critics that claim pedigreed dogs are carrying many disabling diseases by urging breed clubs to review their standards. The aim was to ensure that all dogs are fit to function.

In July 2009, the Dachshund Club UK, carried out a review and revised the Dachshund Breed Standard prioritising health and welfare issues. Australian Breeders adopted this revised breed standard. As DNA markers become available for various hereditary conditions, Dachshund breeders are advised and urged to DNA test their dogs before using them in their breeding programs.

Dogs Australia (previously known as the Australian National Kennel Council) is the governing body in Australia. Visit their website to read about Health and Welfare issues:

Each State and Territory also has a controlling body, with their own Code of Ethics and Health and Welfare policies. Scroll down below for contact details for each of the State and Territory governing bodies.

Dachshund Health UK have a very good website about Dachshund Health. Click here to view.


Find out more about IVDD, testing procedures and how to submit your test results.


More information on the DNA Test that can ensure future litters do not inherit this disease.


The history of Lafora’s disease, how it can be treated, the benefits of testing, and more.


All breeders are recommended to conduct an SDMD DNA test prior to breeding.

State and Territory Governing body website addresses are listed below:
New South
Australian Capital