Useful Links & Support Groups

These are the NDC recommended groups that offer further education on health and welfare of the dachshund, plus offer support to owners dealing with IVDD. There are also groups assisting with the rehoming and adoption of older dachshunds. Please click on the links provided underneath each heading – these links will take you directly to the relevant web page of the organisation concerned.

Dachshund Rescue Australia (DRA)

Dachshund Rescue Australia rescues and responsibly rehomes dachshunds across Australia. Formed in 2009, DRA has developed a reputation as an ethical breed specific organisation within the animal welfare community. Their focus is on building positive relationships with shelters/pounds, other rescue groups, registered breeders, and members of the dachshund community, in order to ensure that every dachshund in Australia has a safe and loving home.

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Dachshund IVDD Support Australia (DISA)

Did you know that IVDD is one of the most common health issues seen in dachshunds worldwide? One in four will be diagnosed with a back condition, but thankfully, veterinary medicine has come a long way and IVDD is no longer a death sentence for affected dogs. DISA is passionate about ensuring you know what causes IVDD, how to recognise the signs and symptoms, what to do in an emergency, treatments options and loads more. They also offer a range of IVDD aids.

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Dachshund Breed Council UK

The Breed Council was set up to continue and advance the work of the UK Dachshund Forum, which was initially set up to allow Dachshund Breed Clubs to coordinate Show Dates and Judging Lists. The work of the Forum developed to include Health and Welfare issues, Judge’s Education, and other matters relevant to the breed.

Dachshund IVDD UK

On this website you can find out more about the causes, symptoms, treatments, risk mitigations and more in regards to IVDD. You will find a host of resources on their site, as well as a link to a Facebook Support Group.

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Dodgers List USA

Your source for news regarding health issues for IVDD dogs, bright outcomes featuring dogs who beat the odds, tips for living with your IVDD dog, and more.

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