The Constitution

National Dachshund Council Constitution

The objectives of the NDC shall be:

– To encourage and promote in every way the quality of breeding, care, training and exhibition of the Dachshund.

– To educate and encourage Exhibitors, Breeders and Judges to abide by the Standard of the Dachshund, as approved by the Australian National Kennel Council.

– To enable Member Clubs to take co-operative action on matters which such Clubs agree are of common interest and for their mutual benefit in the promotion of the Dachshund.

– To allocate the title of National Dachshund Specialty Show for use by member Clubs, subject always to the approval of both the State or Territory Controlling Body and Dogs Australia.

– To seek registration with Dogs Australia, and if recognised, agree to be bound by the rules and regulations, and directions of Dogs Australia for the time being in force.

– To become associated with overseas Dachshund organizations kindred to the objectives of the NDC.

– To collect, verify and publish information relating to Dachshunds and the breeding and exhibition of Dachshunds, specifically to publish an Australian Dachshund Handbook and Records.

– To encourage Member Clubs to hold Shows, Parades, Trials and other exhibitions as approved by and under the Rules and Regulations of their state or Territory Controlling Body and of Dogs Australia.

– To legislate, to make by-laws and do other acts, matters and things, as may be necessary or expedient to promote all or other of the objects of the NDC.