ANKC Approval for the 2018 National Show

October 29th 2016

Re:  Dachshund Club of NSW Inc Application to conduct a National Show

We are in receipt of an application from the above-named affiliate via Dogs NSW to conduct a National Show on the 31 March and 1 April 2018 at St Ives Showgrounds, Mona Vale Road, St Ives, New South Wales.

Dogs NSW has confirmed the application was received by their office within the required timeline as stated in ANKC Ltd Regulations Part 13 and they have provided written confirmation from the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW in relation to coordinating the Dachshund judging day so there is no conflict with the national show.

We are pleased to advise that approval has been given for the conduct of this Show as the application meets all ANKC Ltd Regulations.  This approval is subject to:

Dogs NSW is reminded that no Challenge Certificates are to be offered for Dachshunds within a radius of 1000kms from the show on these days and Dogs NSW Office is to notify all interstate Controlling Bodies that may have shows affected by this ANKC Regulation Part 13, reg 4.2.4.  (DOGS ACT, DOGS QLD, DOGS TAS, DOGS VIC).

We have also reminded Dogs NSW to advise their Club of their responsibilities in terms of advertisement of this event in accordance with Regulations Part 13.