National Dachshund Council



Photo courtesy of Eline De Groot – Perfect Painted Dachshunds – Holland


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The National Dachshund Council

The National Dachshund Council is an affiliate of the Australian National Kennel Control.
The primary role of the NDC is to encourage and promote in every way the quality of breeding, care, training and exhibition of the Dachshund.
The secondary role is to disseminate information from the ANKC to member clubs representing the Dachshund fraternity Australia wide.
Member Clubs submit agenda items that are discussed first at Club level, then a nation wide vote is taken. The business of the NDC is done in a democratic manner.
Affiliation with the ANKC permits member clubs to host National Dachshund Specialty Shows.
National Shows are a comprehensive “showcase” for our breed.
Exhibitors travel from far and wide to be part of a National.
National Shows also attract visits from fellow overseas breeders.

President: Elke Moser

Secretary: Lisa Marsh-Furness

The Dachshund – the dog for all reasons