Useful Link about IVDD


As Dachshunds become more popular so too does the incidence of IVDD, and the argument re genetic, lifestyle or environmental cause continues. There is no known DNA marker for IVDD.
The UK Dachshund Standard has been modified to encourage breeders to breed a dog with a shorter back.

Katrina Brooks and Brenda Howell from Victoria have done endless research and advocate that breeders should have their dog’s spines x-rayed for signs of calcifications. The procedure is complex and expensive.
If the number is low, then the dog can be bred.
These ladies are to be congratulated for their efforts and have led by example and a number of Standard Smooth breeders have followed their example.
Breeders of all varieties should contact either Katrina or Brenda kamaline@aussiebb.com.au for more information.