Enjoyable Activities With Your Dachshund

Enjoyable Activities With Your Dachshund

Listed below are some activities sanctioned by state controlling bodies.
Please contact your state body to find out what is available in your state.
To take part in these activities your dog must be registered.

Earth Dog Trials Read more here
Tracking Read more here
Obedience Read more here
Agility Read more here
Dancing with Dogs Read more here

Member Clubs hold Puppy Picnics and Fun Days for their members.
Contact your state Member Club for details.

Dachshunds have proved their worth as companion dogs.
Delta Dogs is an organization that visits nursing homes and hospitals.
If you would like to volunteer your time and your Dachshund contact:

Groups of dedicated Dachshund owners get together on a social basis once a month.
To find out more about these activities check out the Facebook Dachshunds in The Park Page