Lafora’s testing in Queensland

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November 2nd 2015

On Wednesday 14th of October 2015, four Mini Wirehaired Dachshund breeders with 8 dogs met at the Greencross Veterinary practice in Ipswich Queensland for Lafora screening. Gyll Hoyle from the QLD Dachshund Club organised the coordination of vet and participants and Nikki McLeod, Secretary of the NSW Dachshund Club, organised the paperwork and dispatch of bloods to Canada.
Gyll Hoyle, Anne and Brian Cheers were from Brisbane, virtually next door to Ipswich, while the other two were from NSW. Elke Moser had a 3 hour drive whilst Tanya Northey had an 8 hour drive. A total of four dogs and four bitches were presented for Lafora screening.
Previously the two breeders from Brisbane were able to have bloods done on 3 Mini Wires. Four breeders from around the Sydney area also had bloods taken for Lafora screening 2-3 months ago and have recently received their results.
Lafora screening in Australia has been subsidised by that wonderful group, Dachshund Rescue Australia.

Thanks to Elke Moser and Gyll Hoyle for this report.

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